Beginners guide to beekeeping

Here at Bee Equipment we understand the challenges more than most, we are professional beekeepers running nearly 300 colonies all used to pollinate on the 2000 area top fruit where we are based.

It’s a challenging profession: I paid over £1000.00 for my first 2 hives basically because the industry was controlled by just a couple of companies. That is why some 15 years ago we decided to start supplying beekeeping equipment to the wider public. Today those same kits would cost less than £350.00! This would be everything needed to start beekeeping. The industry has changed a lot.

All this helps anyone to get started in beekeeping cheaply, help save the planet and protect our food chains. As well a great hobby with a positive environmental impact it should supply your average family with all the sweetener it needs for a year. With other products in the hive supplying medication and nutrients it’s the idea food source.

World bee day needs you, don’t leave it to someone else to worry about get actively involved!

If you are interested in beekeeping the best place to start is with your local beekeeping organisation who will be happy to help you with the basics. Study can help you get the most out of your investment, and prevent costly mistakes. The map below lists British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) recognised beekeeping associations in the UK.